Our Vision

Education can transform lives


When Educating Africa's Children began in 2009, my dream was to give children the opportunity to access good education, despite the circumstances of where they were born and who they were born to.

This still remains my dream, but I realize I was dreaming too small. What I didn't expect was that children would go home from school and teach their parents about hygiene and nutrition and entire families would become healthier. 

I didn't dream that a true computer lab made up of donated laptops would be available in the school and would allow students and also people in the village to learn basic computer skills.

I didn't dream that the school would bring in doctors, pilots, bank managers, politicians, nurses, and lawyers to get the children dreaming of a future that they didn't even know existed before they attended the school.

I didn't dream that a women's group would be started by school administrators to help train the poorest mothers and grandmothers some basic skills they could use to make a little income...and a couple years later that would transform into a catering group that hires others in the village to help them put on events. 

Although I always knew education was important, I didn't dream enough.  Education gives hope and transforms lives. 


Robin Dusek,

Founder and Executive Director