December 2017

Post-trip report from Robin Dusek:

The school has been doing amazing work.  What has always impressed me isn't that, with your help, a school was started in the mountains of Uganda, it is that the school is truly an excellent school.  The teachers take pride in inspiring, leading, and teaching. And, as before, lessons are taught in multiple ways - of course teachers lecture and there are posters illustrating concepts everywhere.  But students also learn through plays and music.  At the graduation, the children performed the Circulatory System Song. They learn this song before they get to the section of their lessons about the circulatory system, so when they get there, everything is familiar. 

When I asked kids what they wanted to be when they grow up, they have dreams - doctors, lawyers, pilates, members of parliament, nurses, and engineers were all mentioned as careers.  And the school is preparing them to do any of those things.  Dusek Child Care Centre now has a computer lab (made up of donated laptops - if anyone ever wants to donate a laptop, please reach out!) with electricity.  The students learn the basics of using computers, so they will be ahead of their classmates when they arrive at secondary school.  Classes for Primary 7 children start earlier than the classes for the rest of the school. This gives the students extra time to learn the material contained in the all-important year end exams that will partially determine where they can go on to secondary school.  And the teachers are some of the best around. 


I've put some photos and videos from the trip up on our Facebook page and will work on adding more: